Our Story

"Her name is Peggy and she is just a few months old" that is how our journey started at an animal shelter for homeless dogs. To be honest I never had a dog before and I had certainly never visited an animal rescue, that was all about to change.
After adopting our dog and welcoming her to our family I became more knowledgeable about the shelters and rescues and wanted to become more involved, but how? for me that was easy.
I am the chef of the family; I love to cook and experiment with new flavors and ideas. I started making my own dog treats from a recipe I created. I found that dogs really like two main flavors more than most, those being peanut butter and bacon.
Peanut butter basically contains fat, sugar and protein, these are all ingredients that dogs love. Our peanut butter treats do not contain any artificially sweeteners which can be harmful to dogs. Some peanut butter products contain the artificial sweetener Xylitol, please avoid giving your dog this if you see it on any label. All our products also contain small amounts of Cinnamon (promotes heart health) and Vitamin E (repels skin allergies).
Apart from peanut butter why do dogs love bacon so much?  Bacon is a salty, fatty treat that dogs can’t resist. While it may smell delicious to us, the smell of bacon is even more enticing for dogs. The smoky aroma and savory flavor make it an irresistible snack for your pup. All our products are made with REAL bacon and bacon fat, no artificial substitutes.
Once I had finished creating my recipes it was time to test the finished products. I was happy to see that not only did the dogs who tested the treats like them but seemed to want more.
So back to how do I become more involved with helping animal shelters and rescues? I decided to start Gracie's Canine Kitchen this way a percentage of each sale can go towards giving back to the shelters and rescues.
Each year, millions of pets enter shelters and rescues in the United States. Some are victims of cruelty but many more are surrendered by loving families who can’t access affordable, pet-friendly housing or veterinary care.
Adoption gives animals a second chance to have safe and loving home and is a way to support local shelters instead of supporting breeding facilities or puppy mills that have cruel practices.
I know your fur baby will enjoy our treats the way Peggy (Renamed Gracie) does.